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Unable to complete the operation

I saw some reports about the error message "Unable to complete the operation" from several months ago but I did not find any more recently. 

I have been using my nook Wi-Fi with the occasional minor glitch for the last several months.  Downloads have generally gone smoothly.  This evening while at the 'local' B&N I chose several of the "More in Store" items to "buy for free" with no apparent problem. 

When I went to "My Library" to start looking at the items none were listed.  I tried the option to "Check for new B&N content" and received the error message "Unable to complete the operation  Please call ...."

Time was short at that point and there was nobody available at the nook counter OR at the customer assistance kiosk so I left the store.  When I got home the new items were still not listed  in my library, and I still received the error message when I tried to check for new content.  The new content is listed in "My NOOK Library" at the B&N web site.  Just for grins I tried "purchasing" a free nook book from home.  The purchase went OK but it did not show up in my library.  IOW, my library just has my old purchases, not anything I purchased today.


I tried powering on/off.  No change.  My credit card, user name and email have not changed.  I can still read my existing library materials and I apparently can still request downloads from the store.  I just can't access the new material on the nook.


Any thoughts regarding causes/corrections?



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Re: Unable to complete the operation

I had a similar problem when we lost my wife's credit card and had to cancel it, that was the card tied to the nook. I forgot about it, and it let me "purchase" a few items, but couldn't charge the cancelled card. it still puts them in the library, however, leading to the problem


when I try to download them its basically a dud since they werent purchased in the first place, and I can't figure out how to delete them, and trying to re-buy the same book from the store is forbidden!

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Re: Unable to complete the operation

I can understand how changing the credit card would create problems, but I have changed nothing in my account.

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I did try the obvious fix ...

After noting persistance of the problem, and noting that the telephone tech support seems to begin and end with 'unregister the nook and then reregister the nook' (per various reports I've read) I went and head and unregistered/reregistered without changing anything in my account.  Aside from the fact that I seem to have lost some of my metadata in the process the library looks OK at this point.


Of course that make about 3 times I have had to unregister/reregister.  I don't regard that as a terribly functional situation.

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Re: I did try the obvious fix ...


An "UNABLE TO COMPLETE THE OPERATION..." message indicates that there is some kind of issue with the credit card in the account.

Unregistering your NOOK, then removing and re-adding the cc (as long as it is a valid cc) then re-registering your NOOK should fix the problem.


*Note:  Make sure that there are no special characters in your password.


If all else fails, backup your sideloaded content then reset to factory settings following these instructions below:


Factory Fallback and Side Loading Software Updates Instructions

Factory Reset (not fallback) will bring it back to original conditions of purchase.  Settings are lost only.



3G goes to 1.0

Wifi goes to 1.4

**Factory Fallbacks should be done as an absolute last resort, only if all other troubleshooting efforts fail to return device to a nominal condition.


To perform a Factory fallback:


1)    Power off nook 6 consecutive times for twenty- seconds.


2)    Each successful power-off cycle will result in the E-Ink screen to flash Black            approximately 6 seconds into 20 second cycle.


3)   After all 6 cycles are complete, power on nook.


4)   Upon power up you will see “Installing Software Update.” On the E-Ink Display


5)   A progress bar will be displayed on the LCD; progress will read as follows:

Mounting Partitions

Restoring Factory Fallback

Verifying Update…etc At this point your Nook hard drive will re-format (all resident data will be lost) this process will take 3 minutes.


Side Loading Software Update


1)      To Side load software updates, download update from B& under the nook tab.


2)      Go to the FAQ and Support Tab and click the “available here,” link.


3)      Download the file to your desktop, ensure the file name is exactly “signed_bravo_update.dat”


4)       If not already connected, connect nook via USB to PC


5)      Open My Computer and drag update file “signed_bravo_update.dat” to the nook drive.


6)      Eject the nook by right-clicking nook drive and clicking Eject (disconnect Nook from USB)


7)      Ensure nook is powered off then power on nook… on the lower right hand corner of the E-Ink display a update progress percentage will countdown indicating your update is working.


8)      If applicable register your nook with appropriate information.


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Re: I did try the obvious fix ...

@Michael-V: Thank you for the suggestions, though as noted the problem was resolved by deregistering/reregistering without needing to delete/add the credit card.


Although the problem has been resolved, at least for now, I have been surprised by the need to deregister/reregister the nook from time to time.  That strikes me as indicative of a flaw in the software and/or the database.


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Re: Unable to complete the operation

okay i just fixed this problem. it has nothing to do with a bad credit card at all. i called the number they gave me but every time i called in i would get some idiot on the other side that gave me useless directions that got nowhere but in circles. i decided to register and unregister. it was very simple and took me about 3 minutes. i lost none of my information or music and it finally showed new downloaded books. hope this helps!

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Re: Unable to complete the operation

I just wanted to chime in that I had this same problem, and the de-register then register solution also worked for me.


For anyone having the problem:


  1. From the main interface of your Nook, go to the Settings menu (small picture of a gear)
  2. From that menu, scroll down and select "Device"
  3. Then select "Unregister your NOOK"
  4. Confirm yes.
  5. Once it's done, you should still be in the same menu.
  6. Select "Register your NOOK"
  7. Enter your email and password that you used to sign up for the B&N site.
  8. When it's done, you should be able to access your books again.



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Re: Unable to complete the operation

[ Edited ]

Tried these steps several times, but it doesn't work, unfortunately, at least not for me...


[EDIT: Eventually I got it to work, I'm not sure what combination worked, but unregistering, rebooting the device, re-entering credit card info, then reregistering seemed to work for me]

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