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Unexpected need to download books already read!



I hope someone else is having this problem too and can provide some insight. Even before I downloaded the software update, I would choose a book (which I know I had downloaded, and even begun to read) to read and the nook would not have it stored and would want to download it again.


This is frustrating as I do not have wi-fi at home, and usually not at my workplace, which is the middle of the Alaskan wilderness. One of the reasons I purchased my nook was so I would always have plenty of reading material, but that does not seem to be the case, if I have to keep redownloading books over and over again.


My memory states: Total Memory 1.09 GB/1.28 GB (85%). I haven't purchased a microSD card yet, but if that would solve the problem, I'd get one as soon as the mail would deliver.


Has anyone else had this problem? Are there any solutions? Is this a corrupt OS on my nook? I've read the user guide, it was not clear.


Thanks for any help,


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Re: Unexpected need to download books already read!

Looks like you have 85% memory free. While of course a micro would add more I dont think thats the issue. I have the same amount of memory available and have never had to re-download my books.

 Is your nook registered? thats the only thing I can think of that would *maybe* cause you to keep downloading already downloaded books.


Having lived in Alaska before I know how sketchy wifi can be up there.Half the time my phone wouldnt even work the farther from Anchorage I got.  I'd say call tech support. Its definatly not normal NOOK behavior.Worse comes to worse and they ship ya a new one.


Maybe someone NOOkier than I has a better option but tech support is the only thing I can think of off the top of my head.


Good luck!

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Re: Unexpected need to download books already read!



Have you tried doing a hard reset of your nook by holding down the button at the top for 20 seconds?  That will turn the nook off entirely; then press the button again to start up the nook.


The reason I ask is that this happened to me for the first time yesterday when I was trying to transfer a book from my nook to my sister-in-law's.  Suddenly, all 300 of my books were saying they needed to download and then giving me a content error when I tried.  I did a hard reset, and, voila, all of my books are now opening just fine again.

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Re: Unexpected need to download books already read!

If you are using 3G to download books,if you aren't in a stong signal area, when you purchase books, and then check in your library for recently purchased items, often it only downloads the cover and title. You may subsequently have to fully download the book once you click on it to read.


However, once it has been fully downloaded, you should not have to redownload it, unless you archive it. When a book is archived, it requires a redownload to read.

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Re: Unexpected need to download books already read!



Thanks. I don't have the 3G version, just the wi-fi, since 3G outside of the major cities in Alaska doesn't exist. Also, I hadn't archived any of the books, I understand that process. The books were simply in my general library, and though I had begun to read one before, was still prompted for a download.


I had tried a complete turn off on the nook yesterday, didn't seem to make much difference. Just tried it again, and lost all my Barnes and Noble books. I proceeded to bang my forehead against the desk. I also lost my registration, and my nook told me I had to register to access my B & N library. It has all the titles again now, after registering, but now they all need to be downloaded again.


Not too pleased with my ereader at this point. Reliability seems poor. Which is a bummer, as I am a voracious reader and need a good supply of books!




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