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Word Documents

Can you sideload Word Documents to Nook? if so How?

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Re: Word Documents


stevetol wrote:

Can you sideload Word Documents to Nook? if so How?



No. From the User Guide, it will support ePub, pdf and pdb.  Your best bet would be download Calibre and convert it to ePub.  I still have an older version of Calibre so to convert it I first had to save the Word document as an rtf, Calibre wouldn't read the doc file.  I don't know if that has changed.


Once you've done that, you need to sideload it to the nook into the My documents section of the Nook.

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Re: Word Documents

Or, Office 2007 will save as a PDF.  I've used it several times to convert word docs for my Nook, and they look great.  As capable as Calibre is, sometimes it's hard to know what your final product is going to look like, and it might take a few tries.  With Word, you can see what you're getting, and adjust things like paragraph spacing and margins a lot more easily.

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Re: Word Documents

Calibre has a ebook viewer built into the program.  No more guessing.

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Re: Word Documents

Word sometimes produces odd page results.  If you're not happy with the Caltibe conversion from Word to .epdb, save your Word document in .rtf (Rich Text Format), then use Calibre to covert the .rtf to .epub.   If you have chapters, make sure there is a hard page break at the end of each chapter.


This will work for most documents. If you have any special formating, another method may be required.

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Re: Word Documents

Another option is OpenOffice which is free- it reads word documents and can convert to pdf and pdb

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Re: Word Documents

I used Open Office to convert a document to .pdb. However, when I tried to read it on my Nook it asked for a username, password, and credit card to verify my purchase of the book. My professor posted the article for us to access. How can I get around this?

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Re: Word Documents



Welcome!  :smileyhappy:


Try using Calibre to convert it to an EPUB.  That may get by the confusion that your Nook is having with the PDB.

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Re: Word Documents


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