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ebook uploaded from public library - 'user not activated' message

I have a new Nook, so please know that I am a novice at this, but one of the main reasons that I selected the Nook over the Kindle was so I could borrow books from my library; which supports the Nook.. II downloaded Adobe Digital Editions, software from the library site.  I downloaded "I, Alex Cross", by James Patterson, to Adobe Digital Editions. No problem. I 'activated' my new Nook to the Adobe Digital Editions. I dragged this book and two others that I had downloaded from the internet to the device in the left panel of the screen.

When I go to my library in the Nook, the book is under documents (does that matter?), with 'unknown author' (does that matter). When I try to open the book in my Nook library, I get message 'user not activated'.  Can't open the book!

BUT, I also downloaded 2 other books, from the internet; not from the Adobe Digital Editions and I CAN open them on my Nook.  I have emailed my library asking them if this is a library issue or a 'nook' issue.  I have not heard back from them yet.
... Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!!

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Re: ebook uploaded from public library - 'user not activated' message

This link contains the answer to your problem.


The quick version - quoted from icebike in that thread:


Use the File Manager (Windows Explorer) to look a the nook.  You should see a directory named .adobe_digital_editions and another one named "Digital Editions".  

Delete both of these folders and everything in them from the nook.  Then look in "my documents" on the nook and delete the library book if it is there.

Then, Open ADE.  It should see the nook as a new device and offer to Authorize it again.  Go thru the authorization process (its like one click If I recall).


Then drag the library book to the nook bookshelf again.  Eject (using windows explorer as above), and open my documents on the nook, check for new content, and see if the book will open.


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