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Re: nook Cover Tutorial

If you look closely at the top right you can see the glue line "buldges". So, my hint here would be to do small areas at a time with the hot glue. I tried to cover too much space (the entire front panel) and I think the glue hardened before I pressed the fabric to the cardboard. I should have done smaller areas and pressed down the fabric before the glue started to solidify. I made sure everything was secure and in place - as nothing would be worse then seeing the nook come crashing out of its cover cause one of the loops failed.


Here is a middle step showing how much extra fabric I used since the inside was going to get another piece of felt on it to cover the denim.


That should give you a good idea of how it was folded and glued down. I glued the front down first, then cut the fabric leaving extra space around the edges and then glued down the inside. Make sure before you glue the front into place that you fold the cardboard. Otherwise the fabric will be tight and constantly try to pull the cover open when you close it - hence the need for the buttonfly flap on mine. After the denim was in place I cut purple felt and glued it in place - again I glued the left side first, folded the cardboard till it was semi-closed, glued the middle and pressed out any weird creases, then glued the right side. The final step was the loops that hold the nook. I actually put the nook on the cover and duct-taped down the loops in place so I knew it would fit, believe me there isn't much room for error at this point if you made the cover to the OPs specs. Then I removed the nook, carefully removed the tape from the loops one at a time and glued them in place, making sure it didn't move in the process. This is the hardest part as if you get them wrong you can't really move them.


Take your time and be careful. I burnt the squack out of my fingers a few times on the hot glue.

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Re: nook Cover Tutorial


nickels wrote:

If you look closely at the top right you can see the glue line "buldges". So, my hint here would be to do small areas at a time with the hot glue. .........   

Wow. Great tips, and a great photo to go along with them. All of that good info will definitely be a big help. Thanks, nickels, for taking the time to share your experience. I'll be doubly sure now to keep my fingers from getting scorched. : )

And thanks, SechoDB, for the original tutorial.

Sometime soon, I'm definitely going to give it a try.


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Re: nook Cover Tutorial

Awesome! It looks great.


And you're welcome, glad the tutorial helped. :smileyhappy:

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Re: nook Cover Tutorial

[ Edited ]

Thanks so much for posting this tutorial. I've been sketching out ideas and plans for one myself. This will make it so much easier to realize. I'm a little bummed as I'll be sewing by hand, no sewing machine, but I think I'll try sewing around the plastic/cardboard. Wish me luck!


On another note, you have wonderful taste in wallpaper. The anime girl you have on your Nook is a vampire from a Japanese Novel Series entitled, "Bakemonogatari" (translated Ghost Story). Her name is Shinobu Oshino. I have a few wallpapers of her on my Nook and my PC as well. You can find more of her here

She likes donuts. :smileyhappy:


Thanks again!

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Re: nook Cover Tutorial

Thankyou for the tutorial, it was very straightforward and easy to understand. I now have a $2 and scraps cover in the colours and patterns of my choice, as opposed to a $20 vinyl one in colours I don't particularly like.





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