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supported Wi-Fi hotspots abroad

Being in Germany how do I find a supported Wi-Fi hotspot? Appreciate any information. Thank you. AIRKING

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Re: supported Wi-Fi hotspots abroad



You are in Germany, we are not, so you are the default expert on this topic.


Try this link for a few suggestions:

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Re: supported Wi-Fi hotspots abroad

Note that in Europe, WiFi channels 1 thru 13 are available whereas in the US, only 1 thru 11 are available.  I suspect that as the Nook is a US only product right now, it will not support channels 12 and 13. 


As for hotspots, well, I would suspect the same kinds of locations as in the US.  You can look online to see if someone has compiled a list in your area or you can just do the trial and error method by pulling out your Nook and having it scan. 


You can also get keychain/keyring fobs which can tell you if there is WiFi in the area, but they won't tell you if they are free or if they are secured. 


If you have a laptop, a WiFi scanning program like InSSIDer (free) can help you quickly determine what is availible in your immediate area. 

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