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Comics on the HD+

I have been thinking that only a single comic (folder) could be inside of a CBZ file and as a

consequence I had almost 3,000 "books" on my HD+. By accident I discovered that the CBZ

can contain MULTIPLE comics (i.e. multiple folders) and my total book count is now down to



Also - with multiple comics inside of a single CBZ I don't have to keep finding the one I want

to read next. This is a MASSIVE improvement to how I was using comics prior to this

discovery. It does take time to restructure one's comic library but this is time WELL spent.


I would HIGHLY encourage anyone reading comics to edit their libraries to make use of this


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Re: Comics on the HD+

I don't read comics (though Walking Dead is very tempting) but this is a super tip. thanks for sharing this Larrym.

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Re: Comics on the HD+

Thanks for this info--I never knew this. I tried it out and and it works!

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Re: Comics on the HD+

Could someone do a little tutorial on how to do this? I was trying to figure out a way of doing this very thing, I just don't know how.