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Disappearing Apps/Apps Reinstalling Bug

This seems to be a common occurence based on the threads in this forums.


I think the solution is to go into Google Play, press the more button (... button on the top next to the magnifying glass) and go into settings. Change the auto-update apps selection to "Do not auto-update apps"


Google Play might be trying to update Nook Apps because it sees that the version number is different.


See if this fixes it. Otherwise I'd like to see an official BN solution or acknowledgement of this bug.

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Re: Disappearing Apps/Apps Reinstalling Bug

I turned off auto-update right away, but whats also strange is that ive manually uninstalled twitter and spotify and they keep showing up in my notification bar saying that theres an update. So yes these two apps at least seem to be reinstalling because ive uninstalled both several times...only to keep finding them back on my device (nook hd).

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Re: Disappearing Apps/Apps Reinstalling Bug

I can't uninstall any apps that were preloaded or installed OTA by B&N like Twitter or Spotify or any of the Google apps.  But if I use profiles to deny myself access, that seems to effectively get rid of them.

Not much help if you actually want to use the app, I know!

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Re: Disappearing Apps/Apps Reinstalling Bug

Abe_Froman. What you mention is unrelated.


Those two apps keep reappearing for you because B&N automatically installs preinstalled apps even if they are removed.


Then once B&N has installed the Apps Google Play asks for update.




OP, thanks for sharing this tip. I think this should work. It makes sense.