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Google Play?

I haven't used my Nook HD+ for ~3 months, as I was out of the country and then was working on a paper book. I just found out that we can now install apps from Google Play, but I can't figure out where to go for that.


I am on software version 2.1.0. Some of the new applications, such as Facebook and Twitter, have already shown up on my Nook. However, I can't find the Play Store anywhere. The device is working perfectly in every other manner.


Any help would be appreciated, I just want to finally use my HD+ like a normal tablet.

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Re: Google Play?

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Check to see that the apps are enabled on your profile.  Apps added in the update sometimes are unchecked in a profile, especially if it is not the main profile.


Open Profile menu

Tap "Edit Proflies"

Tap the profile you want to edit/review

Tap "Manage Content"
Make sure all wanted apps are checked



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Re: Google Play?



Thank you so much.  You are a lifesaver.  I have been pulling my hair out trying to find all of the google apps and you solved it for me in 1 second.  I don't use my profile since I am the only one using my Nook so I would never have known to do that.  We love those easy fixes, don't we?!