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I Finally Gave Up...Put my Nook App back on my iPad...

After repeated issues with my Nook HD+ "jumping" forward pages in my books/magazines with no apparent real solution from B&N (I worked with a rep to "deregister" and "reload" content - that was their best suggestion...which didn't work).


I already owned a Nook Color, and had never experienced any issues with it at all. Although I had an iPad, I wanted to upgrade Nooks, b/c my library was so large, and also b/c of some of the cool features like purchasing from catalogs from my NHD+ and the scrap booking feature.


Two months into owning the HD+, the page jumping started. Hard restarts, deregistering, nothing helped. I thought it had been fixed after working with a customer service rep for nearly 45 minutes one day. Then, two weeks later, guess what started happening again?


From what I can tell from others who experienced the same issue, there really isn't a concrete solution. B&N has to be aware that this is happening repeatedly. So, finally, I ended up putting the app back on my iPad, and accessing my library that way. I feel cheated out of the nearly $300 bucks I spent on the new device. Why put an item out there that clearly isn't 100 percent ready for distribution? Clearly, this isn't the only recurring issue that users have/are experiencing, based on comments from several other threads. Very disappointing.

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Re: I Finally Gave Up...Put my Nook App back on my iPad...

sd424 - sorry to hear you ran into troubles.


Here are a few things you can do -


1) Return it. Not sure if they'll give you store credit or a different device.


2) Use one of the Android for Nook type cards and run Nook App on that.


3) Root it.



I can understand why books jumping forward would be such a hassle.


Were you getting jumps while reading, or when restarting a book (i.e. when you came back to a book after not reading for a few hours or days)?

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Re: I Finally Gave Up...Put my Nook App back on my iPad...

Was it jumping or asking if you would like to sync to the last page read? 


Reason I ask is that I have the HD+, HD, Simple Touch as well as the Nook app on my phone and media player, etc. On any given day, I could be on one or all of them for a scant amount of time reading the same book. Yeah, crazy but it works for me. Anyway, whenever I go back to reading after leaving off on one device, it asks if I want to sync. Sometimes it gets confused and wants to sync to a page three chapters back or forward becase at the time I was last reading I might not have been in an area where I had a wifi connection so it's trying to 'think' why am I opening the book HERE when it remembers I was HERE instead. 


Does this make any sense? :smileyembarrassed: