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Love the HD+ but.................

Love the HD+ but the browser is a little glitchy. The browser has a tendency to lag behind a little when I am scrollling through a website and recognizing my touch when I press a button or a link. There is also issue I posted on another thread about the Bejeweled 2 for HD+ not being compatible with the HD+. Not cool on EA's part and B&N should pull it from the site until it is compatible.


Overall I do enjoy the HD+, just hope the browser issues and app issues can be resolved soon.



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Re: Love the HD+ but.................

Have you tried the Dolphin browser available free in the BN app store? Many, including me,find it much better than the stock browser.
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Re: Love the HD+ but.................

I have the Dolphin browser installed but it has a problem with tabs. If I make 3 or 4 tabs, the next time I open Dolphin, only one tabis there. Very annoying! Would you havee any idea why it eliminates the tabs on exit? Thanks, Campyrs
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Re: Love the HD+ but.................

It's SUPPOSED TO clear the tabs when you exit.  You're confusing the tabs with bookmarks (which is what you want.) Try this:


Get to one of the pages you want.  Then look for a plus "+" sign, probably to the left of the url address.  Hit the plus sign.  You should get a pop up that ask you if you want to add this address to your bookmarks. 


Then look to the bottom of the screen --- you're looking for an icon to get to your bookmarks.  On the NT it's a circle with 3 lines thru it. Not sure what the symbol is on the HD.  Just look for a circle or something (it's 6 little boxes on iOS.)  Select the circle (or whatever), then look for a bookmarks icon, select that and your bookmarks should show up. 


Once you've gotten the hang of that, you should explore some of the other features.  There's probably still a speed dial page (you can put those 4 or 5 pages on your home screen so you don't have to even use the bookmarks.)  And once you get really carried away with bookmarks, you can set up folders to organize them. 


And you'll want to explore some of the other settings (ie, do you want to accept cookies, save passwords, etc.)