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No wonder BN is loosing sales!!!

I just discovered another issue with my Nook HD+.  When I go into the shop and look at the featured books, where you find the "Daily Finds" . . . the prices showing are NOT right!  I've been passing things up just because of the prices shown there.  So today, just out of curiosity I tapped the book to read about it and discovered that the sale/lower price is shown!!!  

So if I had not tapped the book I would have passed it up, not paying 9.99 (price shown) for a "Daily Find" featured book, but because I tapped the book and discovered it was only $1.99 I bought it.  There has probably been at least 12 books recently that I passed up because of shown price when they were prob less expensive in reality.


WAKE UP BN . . . check your software and make sure it's showing correct and CURRENT prices on featured books or you will CONTINUE to LOOSE SALES!!!

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Re: No wonder BN is loosing sales!!!

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Hmm... I don't know about that. Irene Hannon's daily find is showing at 1.99, big,bold and beautiful.


And it's losing and lose, not loosing and loose.

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Re: No wonder BN is loosing sales!!!



I see this sometimes. Sometimes the price of the Daily Find books won't be updated until later in the day.


What time do you check? If you check very early in the morning then you'll see this discrepancy.