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Nook HD + Equalizer Problem

My Equalizer is not working properly on my Nook HD+.  Prior to Friday I could adjust the Bass Boost bar and the 3D Effect bar.  That no longer works.  Also, the sound never changed when selecting the various Equalizer sounds, (i.e., Jazz, Flat, Folk).  The only Equalizer mode that appears to be working is the User mode.  I've only had this Nook a few months, why isn't this feature working and is there anything I can do to adjust the sound of my music? 


As I am not technically savvy, please be as clear and easy as possible with any advice you offer.  Thank you kindly.  :smileyhappy:

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Re: Nook HD + Equalizer Problem

I'd really love to know where to find an equalizer on the HD+. Really!

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Re: Nook HD + Equalizer Problem



Go to play music. (headphones) in your apps area.  play a song.  Then while its playing, hit three dots in upper right corner of screen.  Go to settings.  Under 'general' you will see equalizer.  Touch that and it will take you to the equalizer.  Adjust to your preference.


Mine works just fine.  I am on an HD+