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Nook HD+ Keeps Restarting When on School Network

So every time I try to connect my Nook HD+ to my school network it goes into this endless cycle of rebooting. It will go to the white screen with the progress bar and end up on the profile select screen. A few seconds after I select my only profile it reboots, and keeps doing this nonstop. I managed to stop this by jumping on the 2 seconds I had before it connected to the network and placing it in Airplane Mode. Someone help, please. It works fine if I put it into N2A mode. On any other network, it's fine. Yes, I entered the right credentials. I tried entering the wrong one once and it just said what I entered was wrong.


Also, I can't see any of my files when it's plugged into the computer. Any computer. I just see folders but no content in them. For example, I have about 200 pdfs in my ezPDF folder, but when I click it through a computer it's empty. So I have no way of putting files onto my Nook when I'm at school, which defeats half the Nook's purpose for school use.


I seriously am having to walk 2 blocks away from campus just to pick up a WiFi signal so I can use DropBox to get these files I need to read ASAP.



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Re: Nook HD+ Keeps Restarting When on School Network



1) No idea why school Wifi causes issues.


2) You should use the Free 'Open Explorer' program to transfer files.


3) ARe you on Mac or PC. Check out the thread titled 'Top HD and HD+ Issues' in this forum. It has some suggestions for being able to see the folders. But it's very hit and miss.


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Re: Nook HD+ Keeps Restarting When on School Network

Was there ever a resolution to your wifi problem? What school? just curious about the wifi configuration.