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Pre Ordered Book won't download

I preordered a book that is now available for download but my Nook HD+ won't recognize that I should be able to download.  I downloaded to my Nook app on my phone no problem.


Had this problem occasionally with my old Nook ST, there I was able to archive the book, then unarchive it and that solved the problem.  With the HD+ that doesn't seem to be an option, or maybe I just don't know how to get there.  I've only had my HD+ a couple of weeks and I'm still learning.

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Re: Pre Ordered Book won't download

to get to the archive menu I think you have to press the volume up button while long pressing on the cover.
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Re: Pre Ordered Book won't download

I had this problem recently with one of my pre-ordered books.  First step is to check that the book is actually available for the Nook HD+, there are some books on the website that will download to the desktop app or to the Nook Color but aren't available for the HD+.  To check you need to look the book up on the B&N website, then off to the side of the bookcover is:

"Available on NOOK devices and apps " 


with a little question mark in a circle next to it.  Click on the question mark and make sure HD+ is listed.


If the HD+ is listed you will probably have to call customer service, have your order number and book title handy (they also wanted to know the last 4 digits of the credit card I use).  CS will push the book out to you again, you will probably have to re-boot the HD+ to get the book to show up.  It took them a couple of tries with my pre-order book and I had to re-boot a number of times until it showed.


The woman I spoke to was friendly and very helpful and stayed on the line until I could open the book, read a few lines, close it and find it yet again.


Hopefully it all works out for you. Beth

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Re: Pre Ordered Book won't download

This happens on My HD + almost everytime I get a pre-ordered book.


Ist I try send to cloud and then I retrieve from cloud.  Usually this works but I often have to download the same book 5 or 6 times as it will download and immediately disappear from the Nook HD+.

Go to your library and locate the pre-order. Press on the book cover until a popup menu appears.

Press Send to Cloud.  To retrieve back from cloud just press on the cover again. Best case is your book will download!


For really stubborn pre-orders I have to archive. This takes coordination!!


You have to open the library and locate your pre-orders book cover.  While pressing on the book with one hand, use the other to press at the same time on the up volume key.  If your coordination was good you should see an archive option in the popup menu as well as send to cloud. (If not repeat again)

Press on archive.  The library should sync and after a little wait the book cover should disappear from the library.  Don't Panic - Your book is now in the Archive!!!


On the lower left corner of the library screenh pressd the little index icon and another popup menu. This menu has the option to View Archive.. Press view archive.

Locate your Archived book cover and press on it.  The book should download and disappear from archive. Press the < at the upper left corner of the Archived screen to return to library.

Go into the Books portion and you should be able to locate your  book cover . The book should be available now.  If not....


If you have a PC available.... Log onto your online BN account.  Locate the pre-order... Archive it and then Unarchive it on the PC.  Then try again on the HD+.


If all fails then call customer service but they aren't very helpful.  I have found persistance works better.  I wish BN would improve their downloads as this process is a bummer.  The Kindle books I order Never seem to have a download problem.