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Re: Shelves Disappearing

This is the 4th time at least that this has happened.  I had high hopes when my shelves lasted a good 2 weeks but just disappeared not 5 minutes after I checked them this afternoon.  I have an HD+ and did nothing except open my shelves then came back and saw they went POOF.  Not happy.  I too loved this feature on my NC.

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Re: Shelves Disappearing

So I am getting the hd for xmas, I plan to sideload my other books to the main memory but I will have an sd card for movies. Am I to expect that my shelves are going to disappear at random? Unacceptable!
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Re: Shelves Disappearing

The shelves disappear at random.  I initially spent 3 hours setting up shelves only to have them disappear a day later. Waste of time!! I then set up a much smaller bunch of shelves and they disappeared within hours. I waited about a week and set up a test shelf with only 3 books in it. It remained on the Nook for about 3 days and then disappeared. After that, I went to the B&N store where I purchased the Nook and told them about the problem. They were pleasant but clueless.


Calling B&N Customer service was a truly horrible experience--it took over an hour and two different agents who kept putting me on hold to look things up and check with additional agents and the answer they gave me was this: you can't transfer DRM books from your PC to the Nook. WHAT??????????? That wasn't even remotely what I was calling about. I hung up in total frustration.


I think it's totally unsatisfactory that B&N has not yet addressed this problem.

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Re: Shelves Disappearing

Stoney77, all i can say is that you should use Calibre or Good Reads for shelves instead. Calibre seems best.


At this thread I've added details and links to threads that CompulsiveReader has made that cover all the aspects -

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Re: Shelves Disappearing

Just wondered if anyone had been successful in retaining their shelves since the latest update. I set up 2 test shelves & so far I have retained them for 5 days. I have both totally shut down several times & have also attached & detached the H+ from my computer. Both of these actions have caused the shelves to disappear in the past. I Googled this problem & the people on this board are not the only ones who are reporting this issue. Apparently it has also been a problem with the Nook Simple Touch in the past.


I am reluctant to go all in trying to shelve all of my books unless others have have been successful. It would be very helpful if B&N would let people know exactly what the last upload was suppose to fix (ahem - "enhance"). That would @ least allow for some reasonable expectations.  

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Re: Shelves Disappearing

Did you see Alex's response today in this thread (see reply 31):



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Re: Shelves Disappearing

I've frequently used my wife's iPad to read books; so much so she bought me my own ebook reader for Christmas this year.  Since I'm not really interested in a tablet but wanted a reader with a similar size screen as the iPad, she got me the Nook HD+.

It's very easy to use, makes for excellent reading and is far easier to add books to from my PC then her iPad.  In those regards it's satisfyingly sufficient for my needs.

That said, we're returning it to the store because of the disappearing shelves issue.  I would keep it if I knew this was a bug that would be quickly resolved, however, from looking at the Nook and B&N forums, it appears that this is a long standing problem and I see nothing from B&N saying they will have it fixed soon.

This is a shame; it's a great reader but is crippled by it's inability to allow the user to organize their books.

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Re: Shelves Disappearing

Hi Jack51,


I'm sorry that you have experienced an issue with your shelves as well. Have you updated to 2.0.5 already?


- Alex

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Re: Shelves Disappearing

I have an Nook HD plus 32GB and my shelves are still

randomly disappearing.  This last time I was rebuilding

my shelves than stop for about 2 weeks and went I got

back to it they were gone.  The last post on Shelves

Disappearing you ask the poster if he as updated to

2.0.5 and now we are on 2.2.0.  My shelves are still

disappearing and with over 300 books My Shelves

helps in organizing my books.

Will the next update try to fix this problem?   :catsad:



Nook HD Plus 32GB

Firmware  Ver 2.2.0