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Sideloaded Magazines

I have a 32GB HD+ and I've sideloaded some PDF files of back issues of magazines that I have. They do show up in the Magazine section of the Library but they are not grouped by magazine/series (like the subscriptions I have directly through BN) nor do they have covers (just gray boxed with part or the name written on it). Can I get my sideloaded magazines to group and look like my BN subscriptions? Help.

FWIW, I use Calibre to organize the magazines on my Mac.

I wasn't sure if native magazine files are epub or another format and if magazine series/subscriptions were grouped in some kind of container file? MacOS and Calibre sees the covers in the PDFs but evidentially the Nook doesn't. I've tried to convert the PDF's to EPUBs but the conversion never comes out right. As my number of the sideloaded magazines has been increasing, that magazine shelf is really becoming cluttered!


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Re: Sideloaded Magazines

I have the same Nook and a bunch of PDF magazines. I know it's silly but I never liked the way the covers don't show up so I paid for a PDF reader, ezPDF Reader Pro. Now, my magazines show up on shelves with their covers fully intact. The downside is: I can't organize the magazines on the shelves, except by most recent read/opened. For me, that's not a big deal but you might want to look into the capabilities of other similar apps. I haven't found any other people who have been successful in getting the covers to show and loading magazines onto shelves. If you find out, please let me know. Thanks. Hope this helps.

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Re: Sideloaded Magazines

I too, am disappointed at the way Nook handles PDF magazines.  I use Repligo PDF Reader for the Nook app store. It is $2.99 but it does a good job.  I make a folder for each magazine on the sd card and then copy all the issues to that folder. When I open Repligo, it shows the folders. When I tap on the folder all the issues show with their covers. Hope this is helpful





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Re: Sideloaded Magazines

Typically PDF files (books & magazines) do not show covers. If you sideload them wirelessly using Calibre Companion they will show up with a cover in the CC app but will still show as a gray box on the shelf. However when you open the publication the cover will show up. I don't sideload PDF magazines but I have sideloaded PDF books. I use the EZ-PDF app to read them. PDF files do not convert well & are usually a mess. Don't even go there.