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SwiftKey on Nook HD+ problem

Has anyone tried using the new SwiftKey for Tablets on their Nook HD+?  

 I'm getting a crazy screen response if I'm holding the Nook with the "N" Key to the right and try "gliding".  Works fine if I turn it 180 degrees and the "N" key is on the left.


Just me?  SwiftKey is pretty cool.  Worth trying.  Works great in portrait mode and easily integrates into the Nook HD+.



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Re: SwiftKey on Nook HD+ problem

I have been using TouchPal Keyboard it works great in both portrait and landscape. I use it on all my devices it is nice to have one keyboard across tablet and phone.

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Re: SwiftKey on Nook HD+ problem

I've been using SwiftKey since I got the HD+ and hybrid rooted it. When the newest update came through, I 'unrooted,' but SwiftKey still worked great. Maybe you need to uninstall and reinstall it. Did you get it through Play or the Nook Apps?