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Touchscreen calibration

The touchscreen is not responsible to darkly the place I touch. This makes typing difficult, placing cursors to edit, and selecting text very difficult. I verified this problem with a jot pro stylus which provides very precise placement. Basically, where the pen drew a line on the tablet there was a consistent offset which varied a little across the page. Is there a way to correct this our calibrate it out?
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Re: Touchscreen calibration

There are a few options.


1) You can sideload an app (Settings -> emable adb, then install adb on your PC and install)  that allows calibration.


2) You can just do a restart and that might fix it.


Press N button and power button for 30 seconds and then let go.


Nook will restart.


3) Try to turn screen on and off a few times.



Do you have a screensaver?