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Add Custom Fonts to Nook Reader Application

Status: New Idea

Users should be able to add their own fonts to the Nook. Even though the preloaded font selection on the Nook is good, lots of people want to be able to read in the font of their choice.


On the Kindle models, it is relatively easy and straightforward to install your own fonts on the device.

by on ‎08-12-2013 05:53 PM

Since BN uses Adobe Reader software, the Adobe Reader software would have to allow this, I would think. I have no idea whether it does or not, but it would seem logical that it would be something Adobe would have to add to the software. The Kindle, on the other hand, uses Amazon developed and owned proprietary software which gives them the ability to allow more customization.

by Pie-Is-Tasty on ‎08-12-2013 07:20 PM

Yes, I was not sure if the Adobe Mobile Reader software would allow this. Do any of you know?

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