Allow different content on multiple reading devices

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Would be nice to allow different content to be downloaded to different reading devices. I read Nook books on my Nook Simple Touch and on my iPad and iPod Touch, using the Nook apps. Of the three devices, the Nook Simple Touch is the most memory-limited (I have over 1000 Nook books), so I end up archiving books to free up memory on the Nook that I do not really want to remove from the other two devices. Of course, the next time I sync the iPad or iPod, the books I had to archive due to the Nook's lack of memory space  are removed from the iPad/iPod. I only read textbooks on the iPad, so would like to avoid having them automatically download on the Nook and filling up the memory. There should be an option to turn off automatic downloading, and allow users a choice of which device to download to. Additionally, it would be nice to allow users to remove a book from one device, without having to archive.

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by jrl17 on ‎10-03-2013 01:42 PM


I have Aldiko Premium 3 reader up and running on a Nook HD+ desktop. I downloaded it from Google and installed.
The only problem is that on my Nook B&N hides the books downloaded from B&N. For what reason?
The end result is the I can not import their books into Aldiko. Work around is to download the books on the web site and copy them to the Nook and import them. (They are titled with numbers.)
This method shows up the bug in Nook book list . Lots of book cover copies.


Aldiko is the #1 reader.. This should be the Nook desktop reader.


by on ‎10-03-2013 02:31 PM

Really?  You're suggesting that Nook's primary reader should be someone else's program?  Good luck with that/

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