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It would be very helpful if when displaying books on a shelf created for a specific series, an option to display by series order were available.  Thanks for considering this suggestion.

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by Ruff16965 on ‎05-31-2014 05:33 PM

I agree with this. Over half my books are series and trilogies and putting them in order would make rereadihng them so much easier.

by xBrokenxBladex July

I agree as well. Sorting books by series would make it easier to enjoy them in order instead of having to try and remember which title goes in which order when reading a series

by Cembie a month ago

It can get frustrating looking for the first book in a series that has 7 books before and after purchasing them. I had to go on my goodreads account or look up on the internet on what order some books were because I would buy an entire series and forget what order to read them or make the mistake thinking one book was the first in a series ro a stand alone and find out it was actually the 3rd book in. I appreciate all the hard work and dedication that is put in to satisfy the customers and hope they can make it a little easier to figure out which book goes to what series as well as which book came out before the others.

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