Any plans for Nook for Linux?

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I really love my Linux OSs and would really like to be able to read the books i bought when I'm running Linux. I took a look at the reader "Calibre" and it looks awesome! I have bought and use Windows XP Professional (2 instances of it-well one OEM for a home made desktop and the one that came on this laptop), I also have Windows 7 Professional and I'm going to get Windows 7 Ultimate for my next home made to run WITH a Linux or two, by way of VirtualBox, as well. Maybe I only get to have Calibre books on my Linux systems... so be it.

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by atai on ‎09-25-2013 02:06 AM



Just for your general information, since people sometimes have trouble with the Nook Reader for PC running on top of GNU/Linux (commonly Linux) using Wine (some networking error or such), Linux users can go to


and download Nook Study for PC.


that installs and works fine running on top of Wine on both Fedora and Ubuntu. Nook Study also supports the "page perfect" books that the Nook PC Reader software did not support

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