Bar Code Scanner for iPhones

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If I am shopping at a Target or Walmart and notice a book that interests me I would like to be able to scan the bar code of the book, and have it automatically open the browser on my phone to the NOOK title of the same name. That way I can easily add it to my wish list or buy a Barnes and Noble book right there in a competitors store!


Wouldn't that be awesome?

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by SynChronicity3 on ‎12-06-2013 09:47 AM

We should colaborate on this idea!  Check out my prior post.




1.  Why not build an App which allows a customer to take a picture of product/UPC Code in a store and add the item to their wish list. 


2.  Also for those who loved their recent purchase, allow them to take a picture of the book/item/UPC Code, login to their BN Account, and complete a purchase for gifting. 


This is using the same tech that banks are using to deposit checks directly in to your bank account.   

by Administrator BN_AlexG on ‎01-06-2014 12:46 PM
Status changed to: Acknowledged
Thanks for the feedback. Great idea! - Alex
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