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I would love to buy the HAD nook. How ever  one of the most basic needs for the bookshelf is missing,


When I set up  my book shelf , I would think being able to arrange my book series in proper order

of the series would be possible to do. I was surprised that its not possible the books just scramble

in the shelf and I can arrange them in the order they should be in. I wont buy another nook as much as I like them until this oversight is  fixed,



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by Alwzreading on ‎04-22-2013 08:50 AM

I agree.  At least on the HD, they show up by release date.  (On the Color, they were put on the shelf in order of purchase date.)  Unfortunately, the ebook release date is not always the same as the original release date.  I would love to be able to line series by sequence and non- series books by title.  Maybe a couple more options when creating the shelf.  


For example:

1) Sort by: Title, Release Date or In Order of Selection (where they are placed on the shelf in the order you add them to the shelf.

2)  Automatically add when new book is purchased - Select by keyword & author

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