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Easier Navigation of Reference books

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I have purchased a number of  reference books for my Nook account. One issue I am finding is an easy way of flipping though the book to find what I am lookng for. With a physical book I usually end up choosing a relatively close section where I have found the information before and then flipping from there. Much of it is a visual look of the pages that help the most especially in the O'Reilly Nutshell books.


I have seen on your screen shots of the Nook HD pages an exploded view of the book which seems to be only for catalogs. I would be nice to see something similar to that with regular books as well to make it easier to find the pages I am looking for. Maybe something that could show a number of page pairs and a page slider might make it easier than trying to flip page by page to find what I am looking for.


Another suggestion that might allow for a simliar thing to what you have for the Home view on the Nook HD+ where you can swip though books. Maybe something like that where you can swipe though pages of a book.


Just a couple ways to help book navigation a little easier for books that you really shouldn't read from cover to cover.


Thanks for a great product.

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