Email and browser crashing on HD+ and other suggestions

Status: Open

Things id like to see in the Nook HD+


Updated apps

Fixes for the native browser and email crashing, er "stopping"

Fix for scroll issue where browser gets stuck scrolling which resolves with a sleep and
refresh webpage.. (happens in native browser and Dolphin)

Better support for podcasting and music.. (pause in native player, offer Podcatcher or
such for sale in addition to the awful podcast player in the store)

Offer Tapatalk for sale so more forum sites can be navigated easier than with a browser.. (
Actually should add the plugin to your own site.. its not very tablet friendly..(or at least improve the formatting)

Allow users to add their own fonts..

Make a deal and somehow get Quickoffice updated and fully available for the HD+

Love to see the "dark/night mode" from Overdrive emulated in the native nook reader app..

Allow for some options for the taskbar, perhaps offer a slightly larger version as a choice,
enable the AM/PM indicator as an option,

Bring back the option for keyboard feedback/click emulation/feedback... Allow
users to choose if they want to hear a sound when they tap to acknowledge it.. makes it
easier to type on virtual keyboards. As an aside, offer support for Swiftkey and other
virtual keyboards and make them available for sale in the store


I really like that BN has made a strong stand against in app purchases, it seems to keep out
the junk/freemium apps.. And help prevent inadvertent purchases.. In android and IOS its
too damn easy to buy garbage, locks don't always stop it.. But perhaps make some deals with more
vendors, for possibly allowing "feature packs" but NOT IN APP.. You can get an entirely free
but upgrade keys in store are allowed.. Don't mind that apps are a little bit more if stuff
is included and its not gunked up with To get this you need to buy this in app.. BULL

Really think it might help if Nook updated the base Android OS on HD and HD+ devices, esp with


This may help with some of the multi-account issues and parental controls as an aside, as
well as updating some of the built in device drivers for touch/video/audio/etc

Improved PDF handling.. Allow to download the native Adobe Reader...EzPdf isn't bad but its
still not quite there..

Bring back the open source chess and crosswords from the tablet and color.. In addition to the
buggy Astraware version.. They are simple and elegant apps..


Id really like to see the email and web browser workedon..(andofcoursethereaderapp 
itself, improvements to formatting and such) since other than books they are the main apps
on the nook, perhaps update the gallery app with some of the suggestions people have
mentioned.. its got to do the basics well..


Add the nook book clubs as a default bookmark when you update the OS so people know of their
existence.. Have no idea why this was overlooked


I will mention facebook integration, though im not a big fan of the app.. its mostly a
glorified webpage but would like to be able to use at least the messaging app (facebook has 3!
of their own apps, one just for messaging users).. and that alone with pop ups is most of
what I think people are looking for..For stuff such as this, you have to be the one opening dialog,

Have to insist you want these things, but without the garbage.. And stand your ground and not allow in app garbage..



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