Flagging Books that have already been read

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I may have missed a post on this, but I would really like to know how to flag books that I've already read. (Or have the ability to do so added.) I recently switched from the Nook Color to Nook HD+ and have had to redownload my books. I'm not sure which ones I have read now and usually have to wait until I open to know for sure.

by The_Dark_Clown on ‎06-01-2013 10:54 PM

This would be very nice.

by magoo1516 on ‎11-08-2013 12:14 PM

don't you archive a book after it has been read?  I think once you move it into the archive that setting gets saved so if you change to a new device it and re-download your library, it will stay in the archive.

by Nevermore1 on ‎12-22-2013 04:54 PM

I usually just move a read book back to the cloud instead of archiving so that it at least still shows in my library.  That way if I decide I want to re-read it (or if a friend/family member wants to see what books I have, especially if it's a "lend me" book) I don't have to change my settings to pull up my archived books then unarchive it.  I also usually use archiving for the books I don't think I will ever read such as a lot of the books in the "free nookbook" thread and "free fridays".  A lot of these are books I usually wouldn't read but get anyways since they are free as I may decide to want to read one one day or a friend may want to read one (I have multiple nooks and have no issues lending out one of my older ones to a friend who may want to read one of the books I have on it). 


Also, if I remember correctly, when you get a new nook or re-set one it only downloads a certain # of the books (I think it's 5 or 10 unless that's changed) and only downloads the newest ones.

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