Hey B & N take a hint!

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How many posts do you see on the shelving issues? It is a huge weak spot for this product. How about instead of another complaint board you fix a few issues thatyou have been hearing about for years.
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by ShayneMasonVincent on ‎12-20-2013 11:14 AM
How can our voices be heard? Why are there little to no improvements in the OS? I have been voicing the obvious needs of nook for some time now and it seems there is no improvements? Why do manufacturers not do what is obvious and then wonder why their product fails to sell?

1. Selecting and highlighting works great on ipad app but horrible on nook touch.
2. Sharing and social media is so poor as to be non-existent on ipad, and only one sentence long on touch... Absolutely unacceptable to the point of abandoning format. 
3. How can I do research if I can't even quote from my OWN books!?! This is not a problem with iBooks so get your legal woes  worked out already, 4 years later, geesh.
4. Sync has improved, but the shelving and syncing system is still sub par at best. 
5. Formatting doesn't show one page per page... Especially on the touch
6. Touch needs a larger size like kindle.
7. Can I repeat sync and share are atrocious? I mean, if it wasn't for the ereader, I wouldn't even consider your device. Yes, it's that bad. 
8. I find numerous titles available for kindle that are not available for B&N. What's up with that?
9. If amazon or apple comes up with a sync my collection option, I would immediately jump ship... This should not be, I happen to have a long love history with your stores. 

I recognize the negativity of this email, but this is the 10th time I have submitted and I still see very little progress. Do you plan on going out of business? Is that your goal? I love Barnes and nobles: a little less barn, a lot more noble please. 
by cwmagui on ‎01-09-2014 11:43 AM

I love how the idea of B&N actually taking new ideas under advisement is still in the status "New Idea" after 3 months.  I believe I see a pattern here.  B&N just doesn't care about fixing a HUGE problem with a SIMPLE solution.

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