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Hey, what happened to my web browser!?!

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Overall, I have been really happy to have access to the full GooglePlay store. It was one of the things I really hoped B&N would do, so I was super excited to finally have access to lots of apps that I really wanted. The only problem: none of the web browsers that can be downloaded from GooglePlay or the NookShop work as well as the nook HD+ browser (with Flash plug-in) that we were using before! Specifically, the nook browser worked great with Adobe Flash video. Now I cannont watch video on the sites that I was previously enjoying! The only browser that seems to work with Adobe Flash at all is Puffin, and its video/sound quality is choppy and unwatchable. I believe I have now tried ALL the web browsers available for the HD+ (the default Chrome included). None work as well as what we already had in the Nook Web Browser. Bring back the NOOK Web Browser!
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by Saberspeed on ‎05-16-2013 02:20 PM

Oh that's too bad but the broswer was really never a big issue for me. Having access to netflix, hulu, the general web and now THANKFULLY and FINALLY, the full app store I'm gonna be a happy guy. 

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