Make Night Theme a Toggle on Android App

Status: New Idea

Lately, I do almost all of my reading on my Nook app on my Android phone.  It is very handy since I always have my phone with me, I can pull it out and read at any time.  However, at night, when my wife turns the light off, I swtich my app to Night theme so its not so bright.  This takes 5 clicks to get there, set it and get back to reading. (Menu | All Settings | Page Themes | Night | Go Back.)  I always seem to be fumbling with it.    Then in the morning, when the sun bright and I can barely see the dark screen, I have to fumble through these same options to get it back to Day mode, so I can see anything.  I would gladly give up a little screen size for a spot to open a menu bar to toggle this mode, and adjust screen brightness.


Also, the app's image zoom is useless.  It magnifies "Extremely Tiny" images to "Tiny"  ... gee thanks. I read a lot of Fantasy which (thanks to Tolkein) almost always includes a map. The maps are unusable in your app because the text and images are too small.  Just include a way to click on an image and open it in Android's browser or other image viewer.

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