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I have been trying to buy cookbooks on my NOOK to save space in my kitchen.  It would make my life so much easier if there was a way for me to tag recipes that I like in a variety of different books and have a "custom book" be generated that included all the pages I tagged.   That would allow me to have one super cookbook.   I am sure there would be other uses for this feature besides recipes.   This would be a great enhancement for a new Nook or for the application,   I would happily pay for a Nook application that included this feature!




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by on ‎11-06-2013 03:09 PM

Nice idea but, you'd have to create a new epub or other document and may run up against copyright laws by combining recipes from various cookbooks into another "book".


I never buy cookbooks, I figure there are so many recipes on the internet these days, it's a waste of my money.  I use a program called Pepperplate, which lets you capture recipes from various websites and store them in a single location.  I realize this isn't helpful for you with the cookbooks, but if you get recipes off the internet, it might prove useful, so I thought I'd share.

by SynChronicity3 on ‎11-11-2013 12:47 PM

I kinda like the idea....perhaps you could leverage the concept of "scrapbooking." Allow for hyperlinking in the ePub to a set area.


Instead of pages, set hyperlinks on a specific menu option which would take you back to the recipe from the ePub that you have in your library.  It might look something like this:


My Recipe


1. Pasta Carbonara > Click here to retrieve

2. Beef Stroganoff > Click here to retrieve

by Administrator BN_AlexG on ‎11-18-2013 04:17 PM
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Great Idea!
by SpiritFox a month ago

Perhaps they could implement something that leverages bookmarks.  Like a shelf of bookmarks if you may.  Shelf Name: Italian Recipes - contains bookmarks flagged for this shelf. (not sure if they could leverage the bookmarks from a book or not since I'm not sure how the code was designed but thought I'd throw that out there.)


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