Nook HD and HD+ getting Google Play and post hybrid thoughts

Status: New Idea

Things id like to see


Resolve having Google play trying to update the Nook versions of apps and fail... Leave my nook apps alone!


Really miss ArticleView and dislike Google Chrome as a default, tends to have some privacy issues with Google and doesn't work with Flash plugin.. Get that its probably mandated but bring back the native browser as an option. Or atleast have a feature like Articleview avalible


Larger tabs in Chrome.. (Ditto for Dolphin) since the usual tricks to enter Chrome's settings dont seem to work on Nook.. Used to be a option for Touch Screen compatibility which would enlarge the tab size...


Fix the native comic book reading app.. since its an ereader.. It should natively read comic book files, and not rely on a kludge like a third party reading app..


Have a separate app screen for Nook and Play apps, so you know what apps you bought from B&N vs Google in an easy format..
(Keep the mixed one as an option but allow me to select, Store, Cloud (for archived store apps) Play, or both as one view)


Allow apps to be filed in folder/groups similar to a true Nexus device?


Improve the battery management..


Seeing random white pixels near the Nooks app bar that dissapear if screen is refreshed or rotated


Fix the widget support.. Theres enough room for some widgets but the nook complains there isn't. Theres some funkiness with the sizing


Updates to the Quick Guide and User guide covering this version of the Nook OS/Android and the changes made


Really would like to see the the full time and date in the dropdown you get if you tap the clock, i.e
Friday, March 10, 2013 at 12:18 PM and 5/10/2013 (or selected date format in settings) as the first item on the settings dropdown


Cant the toolbar have a selectable transparency instead of all black, I get why folks didnt like it grey, but itwould give more display room if you could see *under* it slightly..


Ability to import or purchase additional fonts for ebooks..


Option to enable/disable tap on keypress on virtual keyboard.. Find its a bit flakey and sometimes theres a sound, and sometimes not...


Cant think of anything else yet.



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by emtgirlCV on ‎05-15-2013 10:19 PM

And all I was looking for was better speakers, a camera with ability to Skype :-) more Movie & media content in the nook store  ( love the google play store ) a more organized library and the ability to back up games . Fix the Facebook app as it a bit wonky to maneuver throught the pages at this time ( when I go into a friends page and want to go back to newsfeed it takes me back to the beginning and not where I left off..... This is so frustrating , I feel I need to use another device in order to view it right ) 



by on ‎05-15-2013 10:27 PM

BN doesn't create apps, they can't fix the Facebook app, Facebook has to do that.

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