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Nook Study, , Camera, & More Memory

Status: New Idea

Adding Nook Study, a camera, and the ability to add more memory than the 32GB, would be great. The Nook will be able to compete better with Tablets. It would be carrying around a laptop for students. A camera with the ability to video chat would be great. Having more internal memory of 64GB or more with the ability to add memory of equal value or more would be great. This would definitely eliminate having to carry a tablet or laptop. I have a Nook Color, I plan on upgrading to the Nook HD+, but I am waiting to see what B &N does next. I don't want to buy a Nook HD+, to have them come out with something newer 2 months later, which is what happened, when I bought my Nook Color.

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by on ‎05-31-2013 10:01 AM

you can currently add a 64gb micro SD card to the HD line.



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