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Please give us an update to make shelving easier. I have waited 6 months for one so far. The way shelving is now you have to find the shelf or shelves the book is on to remove it. This is like a scavenger hunt prior to the last two update all you had to do was to press until window popped up, choose remove book from shelf and another window would pop up listing all the shelves the book was on. Then all you had to do was press the shelf you wanted the book removed from. The way it is now you have to go to each individual shelf to remove it. Say you have a book named "Street Lights" on the following shelves (Mystery, Drama, Unread, and Paranormal. Say you have 600 books on say 25 different shelves. As it is now you have to go through all 25 shelves and sift through all the books on each shelves in order to find what shelves you have "Street Light" on. You may as well have no shelves at all because it takes forever to find them. Please give us readers an up date for Nook HD+
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by hedwards92 on ‎08-18-2013 06:45 PM

I agree, I'd settle for allowing the Nook app for my desktop arrange my books on my device. As much as I like my NSTG, the shelves are incredibly inefficient to set up and 3rd party utilities are barred from arranging books.

by on ‎08-18-2013 10:37 PM

Don't hold your breath.  Most of us have been waiting years for a workable shelving system.  It does not seem to be a priority for any of the manufacturers, none of them have a good shelving system and none of them seem to care.

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