Sell nook with "collections"

Status: New Idea

The greatest joy is sharing a new series with someone.  It would be great it you could bundle a new nook with a collection of titles.  Such as a fantasy, romance, non-fiction, etc... collection.  Users can select from any in that genre up to a limited number of titles, depending on price point. 


Since the unit has to be registered first, I would reimagine the gift card so that the customer can pre-load the gift card with the purchases.  The gift card would be encoded with the collection and then activated online where the verified purchases will then be automatically loaded to the user's library.


There are some infrastructure tweaks this would obviously require, but this is something that isn't offered anywhere else and for serious readers, it would be an awesome way to "gift" books to a nook.

Categories: Service and Support
by Snow_Phoenix on ‎06-27-2013 07:40 AM

Thinking this over, it's also a good, eco-friendly way to package academic books.  Imagine students/universities/professors having the option of packaging entire courses into one collection.  With the nook app, the collection idea doesn't have to be limited to just the eReader.  Make it more cost effective for students and they will come.

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