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1.  Why not build an App which allows a customer to take a picture of product/UPC Code in a store and add the item to their wish list. 


2.  Also for those who loved their recent purchase, allow them to take a picture of the book/item/UPC Code, login to their BN Account, and complete a purchase for gifting. 


This is using the same tech that banks are using to deposit checks directly in to your bank account.   

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by on ‎11-08-2013 01:05 PM

Love the barcode/ISBN recognition suggestion.


The image recognition based on other factors (cover image, title, etc) might be a little tougher with so many items in the database and trying to match up a phone image with a idealized database one.


The check reader is way simpler, as it has to recognize and categorize much fewer items (acct #, amount) and the others are just being digitally stored (signature, etc).


But B&N could definitely do more with in-store/online synergy.

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