Software enhancements - Where are they? *passwords and adding to shelves*

Status: New Idea

I have a nook simple touch which I really like. However, I have seen almost no real software enhancements and too much emphasis on hardware.


My suggestions on *necessary* enhancements that are causing me to reconsider the new kindle:


1. The nook needs password protection. (not wifi password) password to log into the nook. kindle has it. I have kids and I read trash and I like trash, but I don't want my kids reading it.


2. Better book organization software on the simple touch. Right now to add a book to a shelf you have to bring up the shelf, go through all your books to add the new book. If you have many books, this is a very tedious process. It would be great to be able to go to the book and then add it to the self you want. It would be great to have better book management software.



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