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The shopping experience for nook books is very tedious with regards to the review system.  There are literally hundreds of spam reviews that make the customer rating system highly inaccurate.  I have three suggestions:


1.  Don't allow for reviews to post right away.  Have there be a 24-48 hour delay.


2.  Label a review with a "verified purchase" title if the reviewer has purchased the nook book AND allow to sort ratings by verified purchases.


3. Reviews must be approved before being posted.


Reporting the spam reviews doesn't seem to remove them.  I open up the shop window on my nook with the intent to make purchases, but I usually don't end up purchasing anything.  Many times I simply close the shop window because it's too much of a hassel to try to find legitimate reviews.  I realize I have the option of going to a competitor site and read reviews there, but if I have to continuously do that, then the convenient thing for me (or anyone) to do would be to stop making them the middle man and instead purchase from them because I'm already at their site.  I would prefer to continue purchasing from Barnes and Noble.


Barnes and Noble staff please take into serious consideration these suggestions.  Thank you for your time.

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by Moderator BN_Rick on ‎06-03-2014 12:53 PM
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