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Somehow, my 3-year-old nephew put my Nook HD in demo mode. I googled it and found: Settings > Device Information. While holding down the Volume + button, tap just above the right side of the volume bar. A menu should pop up.


One of the options is "Enable Demo Mode." I tried unchecking this, but when I reaccessed the menu it REMAINED CHECKED. Demo Mode sucks because the device will not properly sleep (and therefore drains the battery life), and most of the settings are blocked.



TO THE NOOK DEVELOPERS: In the NEXT SOFTWARE UPDATE for the Nook HD, please have a proper way to take the Nook HD out of demo mode. At least, make sure that if you uncheck "Enable Demo Mode" on the hidden menu, it actually will take the device out of demo mode. 99% of people don't know how to access this hidden menu, so the in-store demo devices will probably not be taken out of demo mode by someone trying the device. Please help, because Demo mode really sucks for me.



by lbrychic on ‎10-06-2013 11:04 PM

Did you try restarting the device after unchecking the demo box?

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