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can no longer enlarge text

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I'm REALLY unhappy with this Google Chrome update!   I surf Wikipedia a lot and used to be able to enlarge the text , then double tap to have the enlarged text fit the screen.  Now our only choice is to select "request desktop site" but we are only allowed to enlarge a tiny bit.  Any more and we have to move the screen back and forth to see all the text.   Tiny print may be ok for those with good vision ( which I have )  but what about people like my mom, who need large print?   Stop thinking for such a limited customer base.  Give your customers options or you'll lose their business.   Even as I type this I'm having to juggle the screen back and forth to see the page.  This is ridiculous.  I've been a loyal Nook customer since they first came out but now I may have to look into an ipad.


You also need to check out your touchscreen software.  A lot of time the screen doesn't respond.  Plus these new enlargement bubbles just make it more difficult to navigate.  


Don't make changes just to make changes.   Change is not necessarily good in itself.   Give more consideration to what you are changng.  Keep what works!

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by on ‎06-05-2013 04:40 PM

Have you considered installing the wikipedia app?  It's designed for mobile, so will have more readable text by default.

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