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Filter by Language

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It would be incredibly useful both in the nook Shop and on the main B&N website to be able to filter by desired language.  If you can only read books in your native languge, it's tedious and time-consuming to scroll through page after page of books in other languages.  I rather suspect both that relatively few users purchase books in multiple languages and that quite a few people give up and stop shopping because they got tired of looking through page after page of books they can't read.


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In the account section, the order list only shows Order Number and not the title.  So you have to click on every entry to figure out what each is for.  Adding the title to the entry would make this so much more user-friendly.   As someone who works with web design in IT, I am baffled at how this is missing..

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I'm trying to use the library section of "My Nook" on the B&N site, and wanted to recommend that with all teh filters you do have, why not filters for things like "Samples, "Lend me", "Pre-order" and other book tags the site already uses.  As it is, anything that isn't  aperiodical or a textbook is all under the only "book" filter, so finding anything in there is fairly difficult.  Other tags that could/should be used/added (and then filterable) would include Genre, Omnibus/Series Editions (e.g. and, etc. 


Thanks for considering this request. 

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Tot education game apps mixed in with reference apps that grownups would use. Okay if there's only a couple pages of apps, but it's a nightmare wading through it all trying to browse for what might work for me. Like looking for a needle in a haystack. Can we get more sub categories to help us out here? Would save on batteries and TIME if we weren't spending three to four times as long looking for what we might need. I tend to just give up after a while. Separate GAMES from apps with specific functions.

When I look for new, free, and popular books, I have to filter through hundreds of pages of adult novels. It's not only embarassing if other people are in the room, it's hard to look at things I might be interested in with things I don't want to be looking at distracting me. We like to keep our home and minds free from that junk. If other people want to read it, that's fine, but for both children and adults, there should be an option to filter those results out on the B&N website and the nook store.

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Date and Time

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The wife and I are new to this forum, but not to the Nook or other forums, on thing that I have noticed is that there is not date/time stamp on threads or messages. Rather it shows month or day of the week on the older posts and how may hours ago a new post was done.


Looking at older issues and getting information it is hard to see if it is a new issue or something that has been around for awhile.

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Can BN add "lend me" information in the product details of  This would be nice to know prior to purchasing a book.  Not all books have the "Lend Me" Band/Picture when searching for books on


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1.  Why not build an App which allows a customer to take a picture of product/UPC Code in a store and add the item to their wish list. 


2.  Also for those who loved their recent purchase, allow them to take a picture of the book/item/UPC Code, login to their BN Account, and complete a purchase for gifting. 


This is using the same tech that banks are using to deposit checks directly in to your bank account.   

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Web Site Improvements

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My suggestions center around the web site and how it works. There doesn't seem to be much of anything here about that. Here are my suggestions and forgive me if some of these are "stolen" from Amazon.  They didn't get huge by being bad.


1.  Have a one click button next to content to add it to the wish list - No freakin drop down menu

2.  When canceling subscriptions, ASK for the reason why. You might actually learn what your customers want/don't want that way (duh)

3.  Provide another button by each items purchased for instant access to reporting problems with content and/or requesting refund.

4. Not sure if they have this, but a notify list of some sort that tells you when favorite authors are coming out with new books so you don't have to always be looking around for them

5. Perhaps some kind of subscription video service similar to Netflix or Amazon Prime


I honestly have very few complaints with the Nook itself (just that screen is very hard to keep clean). All my complaints/suggestions seem to center around the web site and customer service actually.  Those are areas I would think B&N can really step up their game and do better than Amazon. Why not poll your Nook customer base and see what they have to say? It's not rocket science.  I don't even ding them when I find books more expensive than Amazon. It isn't all books and I'm not sure it's even totally under their control but they DO control the way their web site works. I don't know about everyone else but the device itself isn't the only basis for me deciding what eRaeder to get. The whole eco system behind it is also very important. Amazon has some advantages there (immersion reading between book and Audible audio content, Amazon Prime) but that isn't to say that B&N can't give them a run for their money IF they have the desire.  They just need to listen to their customers.

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I understand that it is the Publisher's who have chosen to not offer the Lend Me option on books, but lately, I've been wanting to Lend Nook Books to my kids because I think they would like them, but few of them seem to have this option.  Also, especially when dealing with classics, there are multiple editions to choose from now, and I often opt for the cheapest.  I have no idea if spending a few dollars more may provide the option to lend that book verses the cheaper one I selected which doesn't.  I would gladly pay a few dollars more for that option, if it were provided at the point of sale instead of after you download the book and realize your dilema. 

The Nook Store should include an indicator that a book is eligible or not before you purchase.

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