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Filter by Language

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It would be incredibly useful both in the nook Shop and on the main B&N website to be able to filter by desired language.  If you can only read books in your native languge, it's tedious and time-consuming to scroll through page after page of books in other languages.  I rather suspect both that relatively few users purchase books in multiple languages and that quite a few people give up and stop shopping because they got tired of looking through page after page of books they can't read.


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At the bottom of the B&N Community discussion list is a link to "B&N Blogs" at which is of course hopelessly obsolete.


How about either (a) redirecting it to the actual Nook Blog at or (b) just removing the link.


Leaving an obsolete link to a dead blog is just sloppy.

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Sorting by Genre

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It would be really nice to be able to sort my nook books by genre.  I would really like to look at the genre and view my based off of Thriller, Romance, Action, etc.  

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In the account section, the order list only shows Order Number and not the title.  So you have to click on every entry to figure out what each is for.  Adding the title to the entry would make this so much more user-friendly.   As someone who works with web design in IT, I am baffled at how this is missing..

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The shopping experience for nook books is very tedious with regards to the review system.  There are literally hundreds of spam reviews that make the customer rating system highly inaccurate.  I have three suggestions:


1.  Don't allow for reviews to post right away.  Have there be a 24-48 hour delay.


2.  Label a review with a "verified purchase" title if the reviewer has purchased the nook book AND allow to sort ratings by verified purchases.


3. Reviews must be approved before being posted.


Reporting the spam reviews doesn't seem to remove them.  I open up the shop window on my nook with the intent to make purchases, but I usually don't end up purchasing anything.  Many times I simply close the shop window because it's too much of a hassel to try to find legitimate reviews.  I realize I have the option of going to a competitor site and read reviews there, but if I have to continuously do that, then the convenient thing for me (or anyone) to do would be to stop making them the middle man and instead purchase from them because I'm already at their site.  I would prefer to continue purchasing from Barnes and Noble.


Barnes and Noble staff please take into serious consideration these suggestions.  Thank you for your time.

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I think it would be fantastic if the nook library had a system, like a shelf, with a list of books that you have already read. It gets pretty frustrating for an avid reader, like me, to have to constantly weed out the books I’ve read. A separate tab in my library would be awesome, and if I wanted to re-read any of them- it won’t be a problem because they are all organized!!

I love your B&N bookstore. I am a french travelers and always get one or two books to go home (beautiful one) in Paris. I would like to buy the ebook of the book I am buying...each time. Buying a book and your ebook at the same time can be nice. Via a flash code, ticket-code, whathever. Think of it it it doesn't exist. Thanks,


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Working Mute/Block function for the forums

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Can we get a proper blocking or muting function for the forums?  It would be helpful to the forums overall for users to be able to mute their view of the posts of troublemakers - it decreases the likelihood forum members will respond to flames, and when a troll gets nothing for their trolling, they tend to lose interest in the forum and will go away on their own.  Having a solid blocking function will allow these forums to be used as they were meant to be - by folks helping others and getting help from others, as opposed to constant bickering and harassment that's been a feature of these forums for a couple of years now.


I know there is currently a block function, but it appears to only block PMs and does not block the offender's posts from the user's view.

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Most alphabetizing by title ignores "a" and "the."  B & N's unconventional use of "A" and "The" when alphabetizing titles makes books difficult to find.  First I have to look at the overall list, then look at all the titles beginning with "A" and then all the titles beginning with "The."  Is there a reason the convention is nor followed?  Can we get it changed?

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I wish Barnes & Noble had something similar to Amazon's BookMatch.  Essentially a service where if you buy the physical book from B&N you can get the Nook Book version for free, 1, 2, or 3 dollars depending on the book.  Basically the book version of digital copy movies.

     These forums are an excellent place to collect good ideas for improving the nook experience and I would like to contribute as well. I have had the 1st generation nook and now the nook simple touch. The e ink readers are by far my favorite method of reading novels old and new. I have some requests I'd like to make of the next e ink reader Barnes and Noble create.


     First I would like an e ink reader with a screen bigger then 6 inches. As much as I like being able to slip my nook simple touch into a large coat pocket, I am able to get my 10 inch Samsung galaxy 2 where ever I go with out difficulty. Amazon offers a 10 inch e ink reader but it does not support the formats that nook traditionally supports and I would have to rebuy the library I have already purchased from Barnes and Noble. A 10 inch nook ereader would be a perfect addition to the nook family for those who not only want a larger screen for the fun of having one but also for those whose eye sight has deteriorated with age.


     My second request would be at least one set of page turning side buttons. The newest nook addition was created with out them. From what I see on the forums that isn't necessarily a popular decision. The side button's have been useful in my nook simple touch and can be designed without adding a great deal of bulk to the nook.


     It may go without saying but the nook product has been able to absorb accidental abuse that other tablets don't survive very well. I certainly hope you continue the trend.


     Finally if it can be economically incorporated (I know I am talking to a business here) I would like to see a keyboard attachment of some kind for the e ink readers. There seems to be demand for it, and even the most basic text file can be copied and pasted to word or the more advanced document programs. A key board that works on e ink readers would be a welcome accessory.


    Thank you for your time

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The first Thing is when i am watching a video on the internet and i get a noise telling me i have a new notification it makes it so when i try to change the volume of my movie either to make it louder or softer, the nook thinks that I wish to change the volume of the notification sound instead, so to prevent the nook from getting confused it would be great to have a button in the settings that will mute the notifications or just make the notification volume only available in the settings. Otherwise the nook can get very confused.


The second thing is that i use the Barnes & Noble HDMI connector for the Nook to the TV, I love being able to play my games, watch my movies, and enjoy the ultimate laziness of reading my book on a 70 inch screen. When my family sits down to pick a movie with the nook plugged into the TV it would be a nice feature when plugged into the HDMI connector, if the nook could turn horrizontally in the shop because since the shop does not normally flip horizontally on the Nook it shows sideways on the television. If the screen flipps than all of my family members would be able to read about the movies so we can pick what we want to watch that night.


Thank you for your time.

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I have been trying to buy cookbooks on my NOOK to save space in my kitchen.  It would make my life so much easier if there was a way for me to tag recipes that I like in a variety of different books and have a "custom book" be generated that included all the pages I tagged.   That would allow me to have one super cookbook.   I am sure there would be other uses for this feature besides recipes.   This would be a great enhancement for a new Nook or for the application,   I would happily pay for a Nook application that included this feature!




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I just scanned tons of reviews complaining of the lack of page-turn buttons on the glow light. Personally, I'm surprised that BN, and that other reader company, haven't been hit with an ADA suit from people without the use of both hands. Most of the complaints were from people without the use of their right hand. Why force the right side of the screen to be 'forward'? My first Palm reader app from many years ago allowed choosing which screen area and button was considered 'forward' and 'backward', - including the top and bottom of the screen. It would also scroll text or turn pages automatically at varying speeds without having to touch anything. Yes, that slowed your reading down a bit, but let you read with dirty or wet or no hands. Surely somebody at BN could match the functionality of something from the 90's. I also add my vote for increased functionality for the shelves, but BN has been ignoring that one ever since I've been a customer, so I'm not holding my breath.
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This suggestion applies to both the Nook apps on Android (which I use on my tablet) and the Nook reader devices (I own a Nook Glow light).


As someone who purchases books, magazines, newspapers and comics. It is fairly easy to get around with the exception of Comic books which often get lost in my library. A new pulldown tab to view only "Comic books" would be greatly appreciated.



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If I am shopping at a Target or Walmart and notice a book that interests me I would like to be able to scan the bar code of the book, and have it automatically open the browser on my phone to the NOOK title of the same name. That way I can easily add it to my wish list or buy a Barnes and Noble book right there in a competitors store!


Wouldn't that be awesome?

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I have a first generation Nook. I always download my books at time of purchase. I had to unregister and re register my Nook due to an issue. I have over 400 books and am now expected to download each book individually. You can not tell which books have been downloaded and which have not without clicking on the book. There needs to be a. Download all function or some indication that a book needs to be downloaded without clicking on it. If it has been downloaded and you click on it, it opens the book , and moves the book to page 1 of my library, thus you lose your place as to where you were in the download process. If this is not possible , then there should be a way of contacting customer support and customer support can then force a download all. It was extremely aggravating to be on a cruise without internet access and discover books that I wanted to read had not been downloaded due to the unregister/ re register process necessitated by an issue that customer service told me to do. I feel that I have been abandoned when first edition nook owners are told to refer to the website for help when you call in. There has not been a software update in years. We paid $269 for our Nooks and deserve more support than we are getting. Please help us.
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Allow Nook Trade Ins

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Subject line sys it all.


Yes, it seems like they discontinued a piece of hardware and replaced it with something else in the blink of an eye. Now that they are out of the hardware business perhap we could trade in the many perfectly good Nooks we purchased -on whatever the latest hardware is that they are selling.


These trade-in Nooks could be reconditioned and re-sold.


Just my nickel.


Thanks fore reading.

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"Remove From Device" is not the same as Archive and does not serve the same function.  When I wish to archive a book I want it to disappear from my active library but be recoverable later.


Having to go to the website to archive a book should not be necessary.  A fully functional Nook app should allow for all library management functions, one of which is archiving.  Somebody must have made a deliberate decision to not include an archive option on this device, which makes no sense at all.  Do you people never, ever actually communicate with your users and ask how they use devices?


Edit:  Thanks to NookGardener, I'm informed that the option is there, but hidden, accessible through the undocumented trick of holding the volume-up and pressing on the book cover simultaneously.


Unhide it.

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I seen that the Apple iPhones and iPads have these really neat apps of fun games from Disney Junior like Mickey Mouse and Sofia the First and I already know that we aren't supported for the programming that they have but it would be amazing if there was a way to make Disney Junior fun apps for the little kids on the nook too. There aren't really any shows either and I've tried multiple times on google play and no luck there either.


Maybe instead of Disney, since it's set up for iTune access only, Nook kids can have fun Nick Jr. Apps for the kids like Bubble Guppies, Paw Patrol, Wallykazam and Dora the Explorer? Or maybe something fun similar to Leap Frog Games? It would be incredible if this was at all possible and I know there are a LOT of suggestions that are probably a lot easier to work on but I'm sure there are tons of kids and parents whom have Nooks that would liek this too.

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