2.1 update has degraded Bluetooth streaming audio quality

Status: Open

The new update has completely degraded the audio quality of streamed Bluetooth music such that the nook HD is no longer suitable to this task.  The audio quality used to be fine--though it was not as good as a wired connection, it still worked well. Now the sound is as if it is underwater.


This is not strictly a BN thing, lots of andriod users report this on 4.2 phones.  However, since the problem is well documented and a fix is readily available on the net, this probably did not need to happen.


The problem appears to be excessive bit reduction in the audio data.  The result is a loss of signal at the high end and an excess amount of bass.  Simple EQ cannot compensate for this since you cannot get the lost data back. The reduction in data is fine when using bluetooth for phone calls, where you want to cut out the high end and increase the bass.  (Talk radio uses the same filtering to make the people speaking more understandable.) But this filtering is devistating to music.  This compression algoritm should never be used on a nook, which cannot even be used to make phone calls.


The fixes out there do seem to work but require rooting.  I hope we get a patch soon that addresses this so I can avoid rooting my device.

Categories: Wi-Fi
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