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3 day old 'certified' Nook freezing and you will charge me $20.00 AGAIN for so-called 'insurance'

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I had the 1st gen nook, which died just before the 1 year warranty.  Was replaced with  a new Simple touch.  After almost a year, had problems with screen freezing.  Store support couldn't fix it even after hard reset, so was given another one.

I paid for the 2 year plan with that one.

After less than 4 months, screen freezing again!

This time, the store didn't bother trying to fix it - just gave me a 'certified' reused.  Ok.  AND MADE ME PAY $20.00 FOR ANOTHER 2 YEARS BECAUSE IT IS SET TO THE SERIAL # AND NOT THE USER!!!!

And guess what?  After having this 'certified' Nook for 3 DAYS, it is frozen again.  I can't unlock.  It is fully powered and still won't unlock.  I did manage to get it to power down by holding the button for about 30 seconds and it is still locked.

I am totally fed up and am glad that most of the books I have on this thing were free friday or sale books, because if BN makes me pay for the two year plan again, I WILL switch to the Kindle.  My husband has had his for a few years and no problems.

Give me one good reason I should stay with the Nook?

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