Angry Birds 3.0 update not available

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I currently have Angry Birds original version 2.3 on my Nook Color. I knoe version 3.0 is available and is the version currently for sale through B and N Nook apps. When I check for updates I see a message advising that all apps are up to date. Based on the message boards, it appears that I am not the only one with this problem. Since archiving/unarchiving will cause me to lose all progress on AB, I am loathe to do so in an attempt to bring down the latest version. Is there a way to get the update throufh the normal proccess?
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by KellieKatLady on ‎04-02-2013 08:04 PM
So more than a month after I originally posted, my issue is still listed as open meaning no one at B and N has felt the need to even review it. I finally got the update to V3.1.0, but nothing changed except the version number when I downloaded it. No new birdday party levels, no new bad piggies levels that are supposed to be in the update. So now I guess I will have to archive/unarchive to get the new levels. Of course that means I will lose all my progress since B and N does not have a way to save game data. On top of that, ABSeasons is stuck in a download/install loop which means I am going to have to archive/unarchive and lose all my progress there as well if I ever want to play that game again. I was considering upgrading to a Nook HD but given that B and N does not feel the need to address issues on the Nook Color, I think I'll go with a Kindle or Nexus instead. They both have more apps available and I hear the customer service is better too.
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