ArticleView in Nook Browser missing for vision impaired users

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The stock NOOK browser in 2.0.6 had ArticleView which allowed me to read a web article in a single text-based format with large type and double spaced lines. The ArticleView Nook browser was removed and replaced by a Chrome browser without this capability in the Nook 2.1 update.
ArticleView was more than just a nice feature - it is nearly essential for those of us with vision problems. Barnes and Noble has taken a big step backwards for Accesibility (ADA).
BN: please allow us to reinstall the 2.0.6 Nook Browser from the BN Shop!
Please remember your older and vision impaired customers. The Nook HD's ArticleView browser and ePub book format were the reasons we chose the NOOK HD/HD+ over competitor's devices. We chose a Nook, not a generic Android tablet.  Please respect our choice and please help us with our special accessiblity needs. Give us back the ArticleView browser, at least as an option.

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by bugeek on ‎05-10-2013 05:00 PM
To enable google play, setting Chrome as the default browser was probably a requirement from Google ... They may be able to offer the classic browser as a option, similar to Dolphin, where you can re-associate it as the "default" That said. I miss ArticleView as well.. BUT im pretty sure that Google and Adobe are discontinuing flash, and may have mandated that compatibility leave as well.. As an aside, of allowing Google play and the associated apps, theres the Google TTS voice which is a lot more pleasant than PICO... So there is some gain.. To have the Google Play store on a device, there are requirements such as having THEIR browser as the default so it can track you.. and theres a new requirement about no apps that block ads are allowed on Google Play... Articleview may have been bit by that as well..
by Administrator BN_AlexG on ‎02-28-2014 02:32 PM
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