Barnes and Noble Readability Enhanced Browser Can't Start After 2.1 update

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The update to permit use of the Play store is a really good idea (it addresses my earlier Calibre Companion suggestion, for instance) but there are some issues.


For many customers the Article View feature in the stock browser was very helpful.  Also, there was decent Flash support in that browser, which is now missing.


The stock browser is still in the /system/app folder, and the bookmarks from it are still on the device, but the program seems to have been hidden from the operating system.  


Please reenable the stock browser for 2.1 customers.  Many prefer that Article View display to the alternatives and need Flash support. 

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by semitech on ‎05-06-2013 07:45 PM

The stock NOOK browser in 2.0.6 had ArticleView which allowed me to read a web article in a single text-based format with large type and double spaced lines.


ArticleView was more than just a nice feature - it is nearly essential for those of us with vision problems. Barnes and Noble has taken a big step backwards for Accesibility (ADA).


BN: please allow us to reinstall the 2.0.6 Nook Browser from the BN Shop!


Please remember your older and vision impaired customers. The Nook HD's ArticleView browser and ePub book format were the reasons we chose the NOOK HD/HD+ over competitor's devices. We chose a Nook, not a generic Android tablet.  Please respect our choice and please help us with our special accessiblity needs. Give us back the ArticleView browser, at least as an option.

by Administrator BN_AlexG on ‎06-21-2013 03:50 PM
Status changed to: Closed
Hi roustabout, Thank you for the post. We currently have no plans to bring back the stock browser on our NOOK HD/HD+ devices. However, as always B&N will continue to monitor and value customer feedback in hopes of providing experiences our customers want. As alternatives please try out the free Dolphin Browser or my favorite Opera via the Google Play Store. Of course, there are many other alternatives to choose from as well. - Alex
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