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Battery Life on HD's vastly diminished since the Janary 2013 update.

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Since my HD was updated to 2.06, battery life has been cut in half. I'm now only getting about 5 hours of reading time, or about 3 hours of video viewing before I have to recharge the battery. If I accidentally leave wi-fi on, almost 50% of the battery charge is lost within a 12-13 hour period of not use.

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by MyOwnLittleWorld on ‎05-08-2013 09:26 AM

I've had the same issue and reported this in the HD/HD+ forum under Battery.  My battery also drained so bad that it went from 100% to 25% overnight without touching it.  I also noticed that it took forever to charge (3 hours from 25 to 100). 


Most of the culprit appears to be the apps attempting to do an automatic update constantly.  These apps include but not limited to Google+ and Maps.  (Other google apps do the same thing.)  Turning off WIFI helps but it will still constantly try to go out and update.


Per a user suggestion, I installed an App Killer that consistenly tries to stop this but the apps still attempt to get updates.


Per another suggestion, I was told that perhaps I should turn off automatic updating in Google Play Store - tap the down-arrow then either installed or all (top left).  I then had to select each app to turn off the X beside "Allow Automatic Updating."  This helped but I noticed apps still tried to reach out to the internet for updates.


I've removed all Google apps that I could but I wish I could disable the Google apps that automatically installed on update so they wouldn't behave this way. 


As of this morning, my battery went from 100% last night to 85% this morning then recharged in an hour and fifteen minutes.  Better than the day before but still not the greatest.  It also went out for an update of the App Killer even though I disabled it to do so.


Thanks for letting me post this. 

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