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[Bug] Multiple Launcher Icons fail to launch correct (Update 2.1.1)

Status: Open

We believe there may be a bug introduced to the default launcher in the 2.1.1 update.


Our app (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.adsi.kioware.client.mobile.app) uses two different launchers. The problem is that regardless of which launcher icon you click on you always get the one activity.


Note: I wouldn't suggest testing using our app. It's a kiosk app and will lock you out unless you know how to exit. See below...


To confirm our suspicions we also tried it using Google+ which also uses two different launchers icons. "G+ Photos" and "Google+" both launch into the exact same screen when "G+ Photos" is obviously suppose to go into the photo's section of Google+. The icons worked correctly on a Nexus 10 and a Galaxy S3 but did not on the Nook HD+.


Model Number: BNTV600


I wasn't sure where to actually report this so I am posting it here. Please let me know where I actually need to send this if not here.

Categories: Software
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